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    Bonnie & Clyde Stills

    Colne Engine
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    Bonnie & Clyde Stills

    Post by Colne Engine on Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:06 am

    Bonnie & Clyde: We Rob Banks, is an upcoming Noirepunk screen dance short.

    The film follows a narrative loosely based on the legendary crime duo, but is set in the year 2123, and follows a girl who calls herself Bonnie employing a hitman, who refers to himself as Clyde, to help her rob the central bank of New Town.
    After robbing the bank they're presence is made aware to the Baroness of New Town who employs every means at her disposal to rid the city of the criminal duo.

    The style of the film is very much in keeping with the current trend of Zenithfilms use of Green Screen, and has been labelled Noirepunk for it takes the setting of 1930's Noire Art Deco style and flings it into the future with giant high rise buildings and flying Chevrolet cars.

    The films concept was designed by myself and my love for the style and ethos of the 1930's, and I had always wanted to make a dance for camera piece using Bonnie & Clyde as a starting point.
    The dance style used is a hybrid version of Contemporary Dance mixed with a large dose of Physical Theatre and Martial art Kata's.

    This film also sees the return of the fabulous Emma Holdcroft, who plays Bonnie.

    I first worked with Emma on The Halsteadarian and then on a live dance horror piece I constructed at University called Dead Space (not related to the game). So it was a no brainer to ask her to bring my version of Bonnie to life.

    This film also sees a return of Edel Nolan, doing what see does best, playing the dark and twisted bad guy and David Hawthorne following the trend as her right hand man.

    I play Clyde, as I have always wanted to and at the time I didn't have access to a male dancer to take my place.

    Below are some screen shots from the film, which is currently 70% complete.

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