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    Monster Hunter History and Concept

    Colne Engine
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    Monster Hunter History and Concept

    Post by Colne Engine on Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:20 am

    Monster Hunter was first conceived as a short film based on a Cryptozooligist, who discovering the creatures she studies are responsible for a series of murders in her home town, decides to employ her knowledge in tracking down and destroying them. Back in 2008, after my first year at Uni I made a very rough attempt at a trailer.

    But as my work load increased the project got shelved.

    Then in 2010 I decided it was time for a revival but I felt that it also needed a complete rewrite and at the time I was getting into fairy tales, so rather than the cryptozooloigist I decided on using an adult version of Red Riding Hood as she fought against monsters in a disotpian society.

    The new story arch being after she saw her Grandma killed by a werewolf, she took it upon herself to rid the world of said monsters, but because of her age and naivety she inadvertently brings about the end of the world. So as an adult she is trying to make up for her mistake by destroying the monsters she unleashed.

    Having filmed that, I looked to encourage some 3D animators in helping me create the monsters she would be fighting. I found 2 but with the way I am currently working (i.e. without a budget) the project got pushed back and back as other more recent projects (Bonnie & Clyde, and The Halsteadarian) took precedence. And thus the animators who originally agreed, have now become busier and probably wont be able to do the 3D modelling any more. So I decided that using silhouettes and zombies would be something that I myself could pull off.


    The composer I worked with on The Colne Engine (which has been amalgamated into The Halsteadarian *see The Halsteadarian Story post) then approached me and said he would like a music video created for a Dub Step tune he was making, I told him about the current version of Monster Hunter and he took an interest in that being the video, but with less of a narrative.
    So I reworked the Monster Hunter concept to also include other fairy tale characters such as Snow White, Little Bo Peep, Cinderella, Little Miss Muffet and Gretel.

    Generally speaking, as children all of these characters had to deal with some kind of monster, so what would they become when they reach adulthood? My idea was that they would become sophisticated Monster Hunters, and thus generate a team that would clear up fairy tale land of all the evil that was present, Zombies, giants etc. So then the music video would be a sort of trailer, showing off these characters like an intro to an Anime Cartoon.

    As you can see I have gone for the more 1940's pin up look to the characters, since its a music video, sex is generally the name of the game. And to stay with that concept I have used the title sequence from the Japanese Anime High School of the Dead as a reference point.

    Currently the project is still in post as I am awaiting the dub step track before I start my initial cut, that way i can work it to the beat =)

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