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    Concept and style

    Colne Engine
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    Concept and style

    Post by Colne Engine on Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:05 pm

    For this years 'The Pitch', we are making an entry based on the Bible story 'The Tower of Babel'.

    Our entry will simply be called 'Babel' and is set in an unknown time in the Land of Shinar, City of Babel.

    The film will centre around the character Nebrod as she constructs a Stargate to take the human race to Heaven. God, however, questions her goals, which makes Gabriel question His love for her Angels.

    Taking reference from specific media and design, the film will feature real actors and animated backgrounds in an high art style.

    The film will be wrote and directed by Gareth Morgan
    Del Nolan as Nebrod
    Sam Swainsbury as The Lord
    Olwen Davies as Gabriel
    Costumes will be created by Louise Marsh

    These are a few images Gareth has produced for concept

    Concept of Babel:

    Concept 2 of Babel, featuring Rachael Stonard as Gabriel

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